INTEG always recommends that you upgrade to the latest software version if you are having any problems.  Please download and install the latest version and if you continue to have problems, please contact us.

NOTE: All of our software must be loaded on the JNIOR using the JNIOR Support Tool.

All the software updates are zip files.  Please download the zip file, but do NOT unzip it. The Support Tool will extract the necessary contents.

Go to the Update tab in the JNIOR Support Tool, click Open Project and select the desired Update Project.  The JNIOR Support Tool will will present a sequence of steps for the update.

Click on Publish Update to JNIOR and then select one or more JNIORs to update.

PC Applications

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Support Tool v7.15 Nov 20 2023 10.5 MB 688524ba37066aab6e327a79f0cfb0b5
JNIOR Supporter v2.0 May 17 2024 4.6 MB 0d9291ffced0f28aaaf774a85bc997a6

Series 4

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JANOS - UPD v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 969.2 KB b7f240e6fba1075dd1088af9b0ef8087
Series 4 All-In-One Update Project v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 1.8 MB 293c415caba1ff6d9b9a404be3430cc2
Core JANOS Update Project v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 1.3 MB a9f55f4bd5dcffbbae9bea07a166534f

Add-On Applications

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Tasker v12.0 Jun 20 2023 2.9 MB edfd2578eccdf8595b4f3d35f1ca4bf8
Cinema.jar - Update Project v6.9 Jan 03 2024 545.1 KB 0a2c670e461116768b75288e652c5253
DMX Application v4.0 Feb 14 2024 659.7 KB 337a19fd86b00ce205d1da58d99bd4b8
DmxPort for enabling DMX on 410 Mar 17 2021 3.5 KB 299c66717c03a9c9b702716d9d56d095
MQTT v4.3 May 21 2024 556.9 KB da33b6950c91ade83a8f99e848f6a066
SNMP v3.0 May 14 2020 116.0 KB 2f6f4b7686a9df9a119048a87ce174a4
SNMP MIB v3.0 May 14 2020 2.4 KB 95f379ed55b60bc97d2d92ec570955e4
Analog Presets v2.6 Dec 14 2021 334.1 KB d9eeeded688fe9c875402948f562f9b1