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First, contact INTEG support via the contact form, email, pure chat or phone at 724-933-9350 so that we can try to help remotely before going through the cost, effort, and time of returning the unit for evaluation.

Before contacting support you should have a clear description of the problem including date/times when the problem occurred. It is helpful if the problem can be reproduced.

Also connect to the diagnostics port (RS-232 port) and hard reboot the unit to see if any helpful information is displayed there.

Helpful tips

If the issue is power related then disconnect any circuit that is connected to the JNIOR power block besides the power supply used to power the JNIOR.

If the issue is network related then please try to connect to a different hub, switch, router or directly connect to a PC.

If the issue is I/O related then please try a different I/O point. Please check cabling and use a multi-meter to check voltages.

RMA Returns

If INTEG support deems that a the unit shall be returned then INTEG will issue an RMA number.

The customer is responsible for shipping the unit back in a prepaid package that is packaged to safely ensure that the unit is returned without further damage. Repaired or replaced units will be returned to the customer at INTEG’s expense. If the unit appears to have been damaged by the customer then it is the customers expense if they want the unit returned.

The customer can remove the cover of the JNIOR to examine the board and look for obvious signs of misuse. The board may also be removed to examine the backside of the bard as well.

When returning the unit for evaluation please include:

  • Supplied RMA number
  • Description of problem
  • Description of how it was tested

If a unit is needed quicker than the time it takes for the unit to be shipped to INTEG, INTEG to evaluate the unit, and the unit be returned then a new unit can be purchased. INTEG will issue a credit when the defective unit is received and declared to be defective.