MODBUS to MQTT March 4, 2019

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
MODBUS to MQTT v1.2 Mar 26 2019 562.5 KB 791e3bbe95d6da1d66493e612e8f4869
MQTT v4.3 May 28 2024 557.1 KB 334c92d987049c220dd7defbfedc55ae

Got a MODBUS device that you want to publish its data to the cloud?  Use the JNIOR and the MODBUS to MQTT application.

MODBUS is a protocol that many legacy systems use.  MQTT is new and works very well to publish data to any MQTT broker whether in the cloud or hosted locally.  The JNIOR can fill the gap and get that older equipment’s data from the equipment to where you need it for analysis.

Set up the MQTT broker

There are several free brokers that you can use to test with.  You can find that list here:

MQTT Web Page

Define your slaves and the tags

MQTT Device Web Page

If your slave is RS485 then you will need to use the model 410 and set up the serial settings to match your device.

Once your setup is complete you will the the data update on the MODBUS to MQTT page.  A message will be sent around the message pump the the MQTT application to publish the data.  The data will be sent to the topic as follows with spaces in the slave name or data tag simply removed.

This application is still a work in progress so please register to leave a comment below!

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