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Grapher v4.1 Jun 18 2020 788.5 KB 75e992513636e0c45c7aa7f71d8c1303

Grapher is a client side package that is used to plot data from files on the JNIOR. Client side refers to code that run on a clients machine. In this case Grapher runs in the clients browser.

Based on the configuration, Grapher downloads the needed data files and loads the data into charts. The charts are rendered using chartjs.

To access the Grapher web page, update your JNIOR with the update project above. Once that finishes, in your web browser simply go to your JNIORs IP followed by a “/grapher”.


  • Supports multiple charts
    Multiple charts can be defined. Selecting between the charts is done using the Graphs drop down.
Graphs tab for Grapher application
  • Easy time navigation
    Easily page back in time or ahead in time or advance to the current time with a click of a button.
  • Separate Configuration Page
    An easy-to-access separate configuration page houses input fields to set files that data is being pulled from to make graphs and graph details on how the information will be displayed in the Grapher display page when the graph is built. This can be access from the Tools Tab of Grapher.

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