DMX 4.0 Release February 14, 2024

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
DMX Application v4.0 Feb 14 2024 659.7 KB 337a19fd86b00ce205d1da58d99bd4b8

[+] now allowing non-sequential channels in fade commands

DMX 3.5 November 12, 2021

[!] Resolved an issue where the AppData/Dmx/TerminationBytes registry key was not being un-escapsed
and there termination string would not be found.  This prevented Client connections from working. 
This was introduced in version 3.4.  Click here for more information.

DMX 3.4 September 7, 2021

This version contained a bug that prevented the TCP Client from being able to send commands. The download has been removed. If you are using this version, please update.

[*] Made the Web Server port configurable.  Was hard coded to 8080 but this conflicted with
Cinema's web server default port.

[*] Made the termination string configurable.

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