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Industry-Wide Cinema Component Compatibility
The INTEG Cinema Exhibition Controller is compatible with major digital cinema servers, including:
  • Barco
  • Christie
  • Dolby
  • GDC
  • Sony
  • Doremi
  • Qube
  • USL
The Global Cinema Industry Standard
More than one-third (over 40,000) digital cinema screens throughout the world are controlled by INTEG cinema automation controllers. With hundreds of theatre operators and system integrators around the world currently using INTEG products, a partial list includes:
  • AMC Entertainment
  • Arts Alliance Media
  • Barco
  • Christie
  • Cinema Equipment and Supplies
  • Cinemark
  • Cinematronix
  • Cinemex
  • Cineplex
  • Cinepolis
  • DCinex
  • Dolby Laboratories
  • DOREMI Technologies
  • Entertainment Supply & Technologies
  • GDC Technologies
  • Golden Duck International
  • Kinepolis
  • Landmark
  • Moving Image Technologies
  • Regal
  • Sonic Equipment
  • Sony
  • Tri State Theatre Supply
  • Universal Cinema
  • And hundreds more around the world

INTEG Digital Cinema Automation Features


More than 99.9 percent of INTEG cinema automation controllers sold have functioned without requiring factory service.


All of the JNIORs are easy to install by any cinema tech or theatre support staff.  Each JNIOR is capable of running the free add-on Cinema application that allows the JNIOR to execute macros.  A macro can be simple to control just a JNIOR relay output or more advanced to control devices on the network via the Ethernet network (both TCP and UDP) and via the serial ports.

Once installed, built-in software and support utilities allow you to configure your INTEG control system to fit your specific needs.

The JNIOR Support Tool is a PC-based software package that will help you configure controllers, develop macros for event-dependent control sequences, review logs, back up files and install new and updated software.

Forward/Backward Compatibility

INTEG’s JNIOR Series 4 Controllers – Models 410, 412 and 412DMX – are fully compatible with all existing JNIOR 310/312 cinema controllers and associated software.


Built-in software on all JNIOR controllers makes communication between cinema servers, sound processors and lighting controllers, as well as auditorium utility systems, a simple matter of making selections on a PC screen.


INTEG JNIOR Model 410 controller contains 8 digital inputs, 8 relay outputs and 2 serial ports.  The Model 412 and 412DMX controller contain 4 digital inputs, 12 relay outputs and 2 serial ports.  The “plug and play” Relay Output Expansion Module allows outputs to be added in groups of 4 and can handle high voltage up to 240 VAC at 10 amps each. Cost-effective management of a wide variety of auditorium system configurations is readily achievable with 8, 12 or 16 outputs.

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