INTEG always recommends that you upgrade to the latest software version if you are having any problems.  Please download and install the latest version and if you continue to have problems, please contact us.

NOTE: All of our software must be loaded on the JNIOR using the JNIOR Support Tool.

All the software updates are zip files.  Please download the zip file, but do NOT unzip it. The Support Tool will extract the necessary contents.

Go to the Update tab in the JNIOR Support Tool, click Open Project and select the desired Update Project.  The JNIOR Support Tool will will present a sequence of steps for the update.

Click on Publish Update to JNIOR and then select one or more JNIORs to update.

Supporting Documents

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Limited Warranty Aug 25 2021 54.1 KB ec7fe6049f899c1dfcd89b0ad00ef120
TUV Certification Sep 16 2019 42.6 KB 879420b84693005fc1098aabe3be48bc

JNIOR Support Tool

Version 7.3 or later is required when working with Series 4 units running JANOS OS verion 1.6.3 or later.

Helps users manage their JNIORs and applications by easily configuring, updating and maintaining the JNIOR from your PC.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
JNIOR Support Tool v7.15 Nov 20 2023 10.5 MB 688524ba37066aab6e327a79f0cfb0b5
JNIOR Support Tool Release Notes v7.10 Jul 15 2020 207.7 KB 2c0f4ddac3b4411c35dad07e706bfaab
JNIOR Support Tool Brochure May 02 2013 708.9 KB 79448af2468b0f7a92a314464e7a680b
JNIOR Support Tool Manual Jan 28 2020 2.0 MB 10beb9a941ab4ce963004505a634ad93

Series 4

The INTEG JNIOR is an easy-to-use, flexible automation controller with digital and analog I/O, Ethernet and serial connectivity, and add-on software applications for monitoring and controlling equipment or a process for a variety of applications.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Series 4 All-In-One Update Project v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 1.8 MB 293c415caba1ff6d9b9a404be3430cc2
Core JANOS Update Project v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 1.3 MB a9f55f4bd5dcffbbae9bea07a166534f
JANOS - UPD v2.4.2 Jan 18 2024 969.2 KB b7f240e6fba1075dd1088af9b0ef8087
JanosRuntime.JAR v2.4.2 Jan 04 2024 1.6 MB 8a23649bc2a174549e37d971fad9b49f
JANOS Release Notes v2.4.2 Jan 04 2024 484.7 KB 6db6268661a5caf7294663798282cf52
SNMP MIB v3.0 May 14 2020 2.4 KB 95f379ed55b60bc97d2d92ec570955e4
JANOS Brochure Apr 24 2016 163.8 KB 759e392cea48ac5ebaa9b9b4b0a42266
JNIOR 410 Brochure May 02 2013 310.1 KB dad9f52966ee4e25d228fafd47484c6a
JNIOR 410 Data Sheet Jul 19 2017 211.1 KB 1362f426eafaa8937622d4a76444fadf
JNIOR 412 Data Sheet Oct 27 2017 1.3 MB 6351c5d58e50ed8a437f1350bd09707e
JNIOR 414 Data Sheet Oct 27 2017 1.3 MB 52975f94d9aa6aa4f0ea7428dfdbc28d
JNIOR 412DMX Data Sheet May 07 2018 194.0 KB 311738dabaa3f3b7d59a1c4c564a9723
Getting Started with Series 4 Sep 01 2022 817.1 KB 1ee6fc109281c67786846780333fc5bb
JNIOR Registry Key Assignments May 09 2019 376.3 KB 67f764e1fb7cc72daf8f4a72da646c27
Websocket Access v72 Mar 01 2024 145.2 KB 7bb665495c1731f24e4aa0066be7c205
Series 4 Command Line Manual May 24 2021 491.9 KB 8298b777f2866202e763f24fe0a83407
JMP Protocol Manual v2.0 Mar 14 2024 230.0 KB 905f124811e438ea93ccd542bdd66f41
JNIOR-Protocol.pdf Jul 25 2018 834.7 KB 745465d75bcc8319607da1e5336a953f
Modbus_Protocol.pdf Jul 25 2018 123.4 KB 9faa9832028e4df6bd44ec2f07a109f7
Serial Control PLUS Manual v7.0 Oct 26 2021 531.5 KB ba3eaae8bbd42190b2c5cf537e71e798
Serial to Ethernet Manual Oct 26 2021 208.4 KB 0bc19c4f473728cdf0b20cfd6193de23
JNIOR Series 4 Non Standard Usernames and Passwords Version Requirement Dec 04 2019 84.1 KB 09e77fbc91aa9ac067da6e4edfc78a35
JNIOR Series 4 JANOS version 1.6.3 requirement of Support Tool 7.3 Dec 04 2019 84.8 KB 21a578b8ef29811dc18fb06a237ddcb2
Configuring the JNIOR for use with the Barco Alchemy Module Dec 04 2019 1.4 MB 08b5f3d9f2d97a236c34cd7e71fe4901
Jnior Login Dec 05 2019 89.3 KB daf00ba778e449ca101185c145220b9e

Expansion Modules

Expansion modules accommodate changing needs allowing you to add more I/O to your JNIOR easily.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
10VDC Expansion Module Brochure Jul 10 2013 102.5 KB ef77da37d8b4a9a74224949672ae63d9
10VDC Expansion Module Data Sheet Apr 19 2013 226.6 KB c20a248993ab5ac30ae448649140575a
4-20ma Expansion Module Brochure Jul 10 2013 102.8 KB f8ffdf3ae271d463ff042b48c59ff7d5
4-20mA Expansion Module Data Sheet Apr 19 2013 227.8 KB c058568eb23ac76770edb9bf0f78202e
Control Panel Brochure Jan 14 2021 144.4 KB 824e41ecfa287ce1e8197eab55f30cb3
Control Panel Data Sheet Apr 17 2013 231.4 KB 0a24dd2b22dd3625807e1b56030a2fca
Control Panel Manual Feb 26 2021 655.5 KB f45f2e897ac064e16d426482d1d41999
Power 4ROUT Digital Expansion Module Data Sheet Apr 13 2013 221.9 KB 55e9248813322e3e7321a1a82ea18d19
3 Channel Dimmer Brochure Jan 13 2017 123.4 KB 39dcf0b03d12fa1bae7a03b20e78db47
3 Channel LED Dimmer Manual Feb 05 2020 199.5 KB 099e661e620c1a3ae82addc854dd2b5b
Analog Expansion Module Manual Nov 10 2020 776.2 KB fcc6955d3082cf146a05da8bd3dc3ecf

Tasker Application

Tasker is an application that runs on the JNIOR allowing Tasks to be executed manually, triggered, scheduled, or via remote connection.  Tasks are a series of actions.  Those actions can be I/O related, logging, email or network based.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Tasker v12.0 Jun 20 2023 2.9 MB edfd2578eccdf8595b4f3d35f1ca4bf8

Analog Presets Application

Analog Presets Control is an application that allows the user to change the analog output settings on the JNIOR Analog Expansion Modules (LED Dimmer, 4-20 mA, 10 VDC) based on a digital input status change or a relay output status change.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Analog Presets v2.6 Dec 14 2021 334.1 KB d9eeeded688fe9c875402948f562f9b1
Analog Presets Manual Feb 05 2020 345.7 KB c2f94841f44e59460808cce7601ce9e0

Cinema Application

Cinema.JAR allows the JNIOR to execute ‘macros’.  Cinema.JAR contains functionality for the cinema industry and is described in detail on the Cinema.JAR page in the Software section of our website. 

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Cinema.jar - Update Project v6.9 Jan 03 2024 545.1 KB 0a2c670e461116768b75288e652c5253
Enable Modbus for GDC Server - Update Project Dec 02 2019 479.0 B 2414c7477c180312a61050630bf4996d
Cinema.JAR Release Notes v6.9 Jan 30 2024 614.6 KB c0326f137bd9127bebddabe2d74047a8
Cinema.JAR Manual Jun 21 2021 1.7 MB dfc6ea373101fb93e4366d26308e2476
Setting Up Series 4 JNIOR Modbus Connection To GDC Server Dec 03 2019 467.5 KB 625991b2586894721db0e7a690fbc429
Setting Up JNIOR GDC connection with Cinema or Serial Control Dec 04 2019 1.1 MB 46578653eb8cde31da3aaedc653080c8
Dolby Configuration Dec 04 2019 519.1 KB dca57d1a74d0307e878e5708eef351f6
Configuring the JNIOR for use with the Christie IMB Dec 05 2019 622.8 KB 73a21c827e149e7e04a96d4041df483e
Utilizing the 4ROUT with the GDC Server Dec 06 2019 215.7 KB 1454e21b6f6653677e98b89fe1802ffd
Sending Macro Names from the Doremi to Cinema.Jar Dec 05 2019 128.8 KB 2dccbf26f0703b7c6aef3bba2e07b92e

DMX Application

The DMX Control Program is used to control 512 DMX channels via the JNIOR.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
DMX Application v3.7 Oct 31 2023 656.0 KB b90aa191046fab7c7a0e05137833d95a
DMX Manual Sep 14 2020 922.7 KB 28dcb24bf9c052319429011661d4e027
DmxPort for enabling DMX on 410 Mar 17 2021 3.5 KB 299c66717c03a9c9b702716d9d56d095

MQTT Application

The INTEG JNIOR automation controller is capable of being an edge device for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications using the MQTT protocol. The JNIOR can both publish and subscribe to topics using an MQTT broker.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
MQTT v3.2 Nov 17 2021 540.7 KB 884634d237013a223b043275f93bb073
JNIOR MQTT Topics Application Note v3 Jan 22 2020 436.6 KB eacbe5c5ba3fb0489d38443ac683fab5
MQTT with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Dec 04 2019 659.0 KB 5563e84ea76089d7c11705c27918a754

SNMP Application

The INTEG JNIOR can run an SNMP server to accept GET Requests. The JNIOR can also be configured to send Traps.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
SNMP v3.0 May 14 2020 116.0 KB 2f6f4b7686a9df9a119048a87ce174a4
SNMP MIB v3.0 May 14 2020 2.4 KB 95f379ed55b60bc97d2d92ec570955e4
JNIOR SNMP Application Note Nov 04 2020 258.3 KB 4c80489af3e84b67fcb3fcfc3b354c6a

Utility Application

The JNIOR can be used to help monitor Utility usage. Our add-on Utility application helps by capturing usage during multiple time periods. Use any of the inputs on your JNIOR. Optionally capture instantaneous flows using an analog module.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Utility.Jar v4.0 Mar 04 2021 496.3 KB 650d1c2b6f585243a7695919eb6a8a55
Utility.Jar Manual Mar 19 2021 1.0 MB 0f5d201e95469d026acfa32872f86b9d

Windows JNIOR Protocol SDK

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Windows DLL v5.0 Feb 15 2019 8.9 MB 97e02a18245994c59c96bb94c6f40fa1
JNIOR DLL Manual Jul 08 2014 320.1 KB e83ac1ef1dd15044f78f92521a8e2965

Legacy Series 3

The Series 3 went out of production in February 2015. There are still lots of Series 3 units in the wild. Below are the latest updates for those units.

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Series 3 All-In-One v4.8 Nov 11 2019 251.7 KB ef6a2613188b70725b155c9c026064b3
Series 3 JNIOR OS Release Notes v4.8 Nov 11 2019 310.4 KB 0edae08a14c9f47a4c2d0a1dede63cff
Cinema.JNIOR - Update Project (Series 3) v2.47 Dec 09 2019 72.6 KB 973bd73a6df7b1845f981c87d6addf37
Cinema.jnior Manual (Series 3) Jun 15 2012 1.1 MB ed8c18bf161cfd91b463ff8af2c493f3
Cinema.JNIOR Release Notes (Series 3) v2.47 Dec 09 2019 60.5 KB 8d32f6a6fa60b880efcd2dfda0adf147
Installing Cinema.JNIOR Dec 03 2019 161.4 KB cfd0ec20f65a432455b894d9ecec9882
Utility.jnior Oct 26 2020 112.6 KB b44166edd53444cf10d979c2d2ed6810
Utility Usage Monitor Manual Jul 22 2019 558.7 KB 8677e5d69d013a48629c46fc1acd3e65
Analog Presets.jnior Oct 26 2020 20.5 KB 73cf056ce4f7ef09dd45051d7646b5cd
Analog Presets Series 3 Manual Mar 15 2011 135.3 KB fc037fdf5b833e3f30a0a0bc96eff4ae
Series 3 Control Panel Application Note Oct 03 2011 151.3 KB 8d8248b99490de19f3e3b677fde239aa
Series 3 Command Line Manual Jul 16 2019 136.3 KB 81fcf9add15448af52c2fe5483fb4d43