INTEG Process Group designs and manufactures hardware and software automation control products for industrial and commercial enterprises including Cinema, Manufacturing, Security, Transportation and Industrial Automation that require little or no programming and which sell for a fraction of the cost of alternative devices and systems. INTEG JNIOR lean automation controllers are a cost-effective alternative to more costly and more complex programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and programmable automation controllers (PACs) for monitoring and controlling equipment.

We provide an easy, open means to connect, monitor and control equipment and processes, and then transmit that information over the network so it can be used in business applications or control systems.

INTEG products and services have been applied over the years around the world in various industries such as cinema, audio and visual, manufacturing, security, newspaper publication, transportation, and steel.  

The centerpiece of our company’s success is the JNIOR (pronounced “junior”). It provides our customers with a simple, yet intelligent automation controller that monitors and controls a small set of discrete and analog signals and makes direct network connections to other devices for sending and receiving commands.

A key application for the JNIOR is automating the digital presentation for movie theatres.  The JNIOR acts as the central automation to properly control the auditorium lights, sound, preshow ads, movie projector and other miscellaneous items to make sure the audience receives a perfect movie presentation with each showing.