• Released May 16 2019

Cinema 3.4.0 - 320 KB - MD5: 63b627ede9c8a79710ddb3d7fd3ca852

This new release of Cinema will allow you to query the temperature sensor via a HTTP Request.  A JSON representation of the device will be returned.

As of now the only available devices are Type28 and Type7E…

Type28 is the temperature probe and Type7E is the environmental sensor.

To enable this you will need to set the AppData/Cinema/WebServer/Port registry key. The JNIOR will need to be rebooted after this key has been changed. In this example I chose 8081. Port 80 or 443 is normally the default web server port. This web server port is an additional web server that cinema is hosting to handle these types of requests.

  • Fixed a bug that stopped the serial port from being read if an Ethernet connection was disconnected. This appears to be a bug that was introduced in version 5.3.
  • Moved the serial configuration to take advantage of the AUXSerial and COMSerial settings that JANOS uses.

Release Date: May 10 2019

Serial to Ethernet 6.0 - Update Project - 41 KB - MD5: d06bd5279d05546652b56faf427cc676

Serial To Ethernet 6.0 - Application File - 44 KB - MD5: fd897cf50763a56e7f4828dac566b933

  • Watchdog no longer causes reboot from foreground execution
  • REGEX Alternation ‘|’ has been corrected to properly work in Group
  • Corrected NULL Pointer write issue when a Group which employs alternation appears at the start of a REGEX expression
  • Resolved message pump memory issue relating to process termination
  • Expand the channel range for setOutputRelay() from 0-11 to 0-15
  • Corrected network capture filtering when an IP address is to be excluded
  • Supports networks using Jumbo Frames
  • Eliminated assertion associated with improper use of ‘%n’ in System.out.printf.

JANOS 1.7.1 - UPD - 870 KB - MD5: 70bc5f3d4ec311786fe304c4e447595b

All in One 1.7.1 - Update Project - 2 MB - MD5: b88a8d86302d867835a50e8f699edcad

release notes

  • Added ability to load single CA Certificate to be supplied on TLS connection
  • Support TLS Client Certificate Verification on outgoing connections
  • Added legacy PKCS1 support for externally generated certificates
  • Corrected array issue with processing of deferred email transmissions
  • Corrected memory issue with TAB use on the Command Line
  • Corrected FTP listing issue created by the v1.6.4 release
  • Corrected getRegistryList method memory leak
  • Corrected 412DMX light Flickering
  • Corrected 412DMX NAND Flash processing issue
  • Corrected FTP transfer restart issue