The INTEG 3 Channel LED Dimmer expansion module works with the JNIOR Series 4 to add control of LED strip lights.  The module controls up to 3 individual channels of single color LED strip lights or 1 channel of Red, Green, Blue (RGB) LED strip lights.

Dimmable 0—100%

For Color Strips, mix ANY color using the RGB format

3 Channel LED Dimmer Features

  • Plug and Play Expansion Module
  • Works with the JNIOR Series 4
  • 3 Channels—Single Color LED Strip Lights
  • 1 Channel—RGB LED Strip Lights
  • 5—24 VDC Input Power (30 Amps)
  • Up to 10 Amps per Channel
  • Max 30 Amps Total All Channels
  • Each Channel has PWM Control
  • Negative Power Side Switched
  • Each Channel Dimmable 0—100%
  • Up to 4 LED Dimmer Modules per JNIOR