SNAP for JNIOR! (Google Blockly Implementation) July 25, 2019

  Snap v3.0 [ Jan 02 2020, 1 MB, MD5: 7256539bc602d3e0f8cbd3f92dbdee5c ]

We are excited to semi-release a project that was started 3 years ago but has been on the back burner until recently.

The Blockly implementation should provide greater control over your process and custom logic without the need to write code. While writing a Java application will provide the greatest level of customization, SNAP should be able to handle a large part of what you are trying to do. If there is something that SNAP does not do, but you want please feel free to contact us.

This application is in BETA. Changes will happen often. If you notice that we break some functionality please let us know.

Here is a simple exmaple of monitoring power on an input. This requires the JNIOR to be on a UPS, or using a JNIOR 412DMX with ride-through power supply. When input 2 changes it will send an email!

Here is an example logging two temperatures once a minute. Notice that the filename has date formatting involved. This will cause a new file to get created every day. Additional logic can be used to clean up files that are old so that the flash file system does not get full.

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