Moving the DCP October 24, 2017

When you open your browser and point it to your JNIOR you should get the DCP by default. If you still get the old applets then you need to update your JNIOR. We highly recommend that you always run the latest version of JANOS and DCP.

But what if you are running a special application and you want your own web page to come up by default. How do you then get to the DCP or get it out of the way?

The DCP is stored within and served directly from the /flash/ library. You can move that file into the /flash/www folder and rename it something like So now you have the file /flash/www/

Now since the default root for the WebServer is /flash/www if you point your browser to the JNIOR and add /config to the URL you should get the DCP. The URL will be something like the following:

http://[IP Address]/config

It works.

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