Getting Started with the JRGET utility

Written on: December 7, 2021 11:35 am

The JRGET utility is designed to make updating your JNIOR, and staying up to date, easier.  This command line utility will check with our server for available updates for the packages that you specify or the packages that have previously been installed.

Installing JRGET

To get the the JRGET utility you can either download the update project and use the JNIOR Support Tool to install it on one or several JNIORs or you can use the following jrupdate command line commands to install it.

jrupdate -fgi

This should look like this…  (NOTE: https:// is now required)

Now that the JRGET utility is on your JNIOR you can use it to install or update other applications.

Listing Currently Installed Applications

jrget -list

This will show you what has previously been installed with the JRGET utility.

Update Currently Installed Applications

jrget -update

This will search for updates for the applications that are currently installed on your JNIOR.  First JRGET will check the packages that have previously been installed with the JRGET utility.  Next the Applications registry section will be searched for applications that were installed before the use of JRGET.

Install a New Application


This command will install the specified packages.  Multiple packages can be specified by separating them with a space.

This is useful to obtain a new package that hasnt been installed to this JNIOR before.

Other Options

There are other options that can be specified in the command when using JRGET.

-noreboot will prevent the JNIOR from rebooting at the end of the update.  It may not be safe to reboot at the moment but a planned reboot will occur causing the new updates to be applied later.

-y will cause the JRGET application to suppress the confirmation questions and run in an unattended mode.  JRGET will confirm before installing a package and prior to issuing the reboot.

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