Macros Tab in the Support Tool

Written on: October 28, 2022 2:57 pm

The Support Tool has a macros tab for creating macros that are used in the Cinema application. Creating macros is a great way to get more functionality from issuing commands to the JNIOR. This post will explain how to create and upload macros to your JNIOR.

To create macros you need to have the support tool download, which you can get here. Once the support tool is downloaded, you’ll open it and go to the macro tab. In the macro tab is where you can create and upload macros to your JNIOR. To add a new macro, you’ll select the ‘add’ button at the bottom left of the update tab and select ‘macro’. With the new macro added, you can click on the new macro to edit its name.

After adding and naming the macro, you can then add actions to the macro. The actions are on the right side of the update tab and you can add new actions at the bottom of the action view, or edit existing ones by selecting them and editing the values in their columns. By selecting the macro and then the action you can select the arrow button between them to add the action to the macro.

Once you finish adding your macros and actions, you’ll then need to save and publish your macro file to your JNIOR by selecting the ‘publish to JNIOR’ button. This will prompt you to save your macro file. After you save, you can then select your JNIOR to publish to. With that you’ll have created and published your macro file to a JNIOR. Now when the JNIOR receives a command to execute a macro you created, it will go through and execute each action inside the macro in order.

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