Christie IMB Connection Issue December 14, 2020

If you are having issues communicating with a JNIOR from a Christie IMB, it might be the Keep-Alive message being sent. When adding the JNIOR as a device to a Christie IMB, You’ll see a screen like this when entering the JNIOR’s information.

Christie IMB Device Menu

One of the values you’ll notice is the Keep-Alive message. When a device makes a connection with a JNIOR, the JNIOR will disconnect with the device when nothing is sent between them over a certain amount of time. Over that time frame, the JNIOR will send the Keep-Alive message intermittently to see if the connection should persist between both devices.

For the Keep-Alive message field, the Christie IMB sets it automatically to /0x06 like in the picture above. This is not the correct value for the Keep-Alive message. The value for this field should be \x06. Changing this value should help the Christie connect with the JNIOR.

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