Built-in Documentation October 24, 2017

Did you know that the DCP includes documentation in the form of Help?

Many of you have seen the Registry Key Assignments document. Well we no longer maintain the PDF of that. The most current Registry documentation is distributed with every JNIOR as part of the DCP.


Every configuration setting is associated with a Registry Key. Simply by placing your mouse over a setting a Tool Tip will display the associated Registry Key for you. You can make use of that if you want to access the Registry by some other means.

A link will also display at the bottom of the page as shown above. If you can remove your mouse from a setting without mousing over another you can then click the link to access the documentation. You can also use the F1 key while holding you mouse over a setting to access the documentation.

A form of context help is provided by opening the distributed Registry Key Assignments document and indexing to the referenced key.

Note that you might need to update your operating system (JANOS) to the latest to get access to all of these features. If you update manually (use JRUPDATE) then you will also need to update /flash/www.zip to install the latest DCP. And if you still get the old applets when you open your browser, then there is probably a /flash/www/index.php or similar index file in that folder that you will need to remove.

If you update using an update project in the Support Tool it is likely that the project takes care of these steps for you.

If you are working at the Command Line through a Telnet connection and want information on a particular Registry Key or setup, simply open your browser to the DCP and hit F1. If you are working in the Console Tab (DCP access to the command line interface) the F1 keystroke gets you to that document as well.

Or you can enter a URL to read it directly as follows:

http://[IP Address]/RegistryDoc.html

Okay, so you might search all through your JNIOR’s file system and not find any RegistryDoc.html file. That is because it is contained within the /flash/www.zip library and JANOS knows how to serve files directly out of a compressed library. It can locate the files using the path to the library, the name of the library and any path therein up to the filename. And since the default root for the Webserver is /flash/www it knows to look right in there.

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