Applets Deprecated October 19, 2017

The Series 4 has moved away from the use of Java applets for the configuration pages. These pages are reached through the web interface and used to control and configure the JNIOR. Java applets can no longer be simply executed by browsers. For the most part this is due to security concerns in executing client-side programs. It was also the result of improvements in JavaScript and the fact that most client-side operations can be easily accomplished using that alone.

In order to control the Series 3 the web site has to make a connection to the JNIOR Protocol port (default 9200). JavaScript cannot do this. It can be accomplished by a Java applet. Thus, we relied on that for some years and still need it for the Series 3.

The Series 4 supports a built-in Websockets interface. Websockets operates through the standard HTTP ports and is supported by all browsers. The JNIOR Websockets interface supports all of the same functionality of the JNIOR Protocol and much more. The JNIOR Protocol is a binary protocol and challenging to implement. Websockets is JSON based and much more straight forward.

If your Series 4 is still presenting you with the applet issue, you need to update. We recommend always that you run the latest JANOS release. The update project for that will replace the applets with the DCP.

You should be running at least JANOS v1.6.2. If you update JANOS manually using a UPD. The DCP is installed by copying the file into the /flash folder. You should also make sure that any index.html or index.php file is removed from the /flash/www folder.

This folder should not be expanded as JANOS serves files directly from the compressed library.

This is what the DCP looks like.

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