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JANOS v1.6.5 Released!

Check back often to see if there are new releases.
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JANOS v1.6.5 Released!

Post by bscloutier » Tue May 22, 2018 9:31 am

We have released v1.6.5 of JANOS. Updating to v1.6.5 is strongly recommended.

Both the UPD for this update and the file for the corresponding DCP release (v2.1) are attached.

To manually update:
  1. Transfer the UDP file to the /temp folder.
  2. Log into the Command Console (either using Telnet or DCP) as an Administrator.
  3. Issue the command: jrupdate -fup temp/janos_1.6.5.upd
  4. Wait for the unit to reboot.
  5. Transfer the file to the /flash folder. You do not expand this library file. The DCP is automatically served out of it.
  6. JNIORs previously managed using the applets: Disable applets by removing any of the following files: /flash/www/index.htm, /flash/www/index.html or /flash/www/index.php
  7. Access the updated DCP by directing your browser to the unit's IP address.
Files can be transferred to JNIORs with using FTP or dragged and dropped into the DCP Folders tab.

If you prefer to utilize an All-In-One update through the Support Tool, contact INTEG directly. Please also consider updating Support Tool to v7.5.
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