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Garage Door Control

You got ideas? Let's hear 'em. Here we can talk about your experiences programming on the JNIOR or items that you may wish to have INTEG assist you with.
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Garage Door Control

Post by bscloutier » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:39 am

Most of us have at least one overhead garage door opener. It is a simple matter to wire this to a JNIOR. A relay output would be wired across (in parallel) with the opener button. Pulse the relay and the door either opens or closes. The limit switch can be wired to an input to indicate whether the door is (completely) open or not. The Model 410 could monitor and control up to 8 separate doors.

With the JNIOR connected to the network you could remotely monitor your doors. You could open one on request say if the delivery man were to call you on arrival. This would let him/her place your package safely in the garage out of reach and weather. You could close a door that you forgot to close upon leaving.

Add an inexpensive IP camera and you could visually monitor not only the door status but whomever you allow in or out.

Access to the JNIOR through the Internet allows you to perform these actions with your smart phone. This would allow you to open or close the doors from a much greater distance than the normal remote. This could also be helpful if there weren't enough remote controls to go around.

You could develop an application that could more tightly control the ability to manipulate the doors. Perhaps based on time of day or even GPS location. An application on your phone could be used to automatically open your door when you approach without you having to do anything. This could also open a gate for you if you have a gated driveway. Perhaps even turn on driveway and garage lights.

The JNIOR has a lot of flexibility and can be programmed for just about any unique custom requirement. We would be interested in helping you accomplish you goals.

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