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Security System

You got ideas? Let's hear 'em. Here we can talk about your experiences programming on the JNIOR or items that you may wish to have INTEG assist you with.
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Security System

Post by bscloutier » Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:18 am

Security systems utilize circuit loops to monitor various zones. The concept is simple. So long as every door and window remains closed the circuit associated with that zone remains closed and able to conduct current. Similarly the motion detector opens a circuit when motion is detected. So those can be placed in series. A typical security system involves several zones with each loop terminating at the control board. The JNIOR can monitor a number of loops independently. The Model 414 would support up to 12.

Low cost (of installation) systems work differently and use wireless sensors. These create the ongoing burden and cost of battery replacement. While these are simple to install in an existing home, you really need to consider the battery issue. The JNIOR is ideal for wired sensors.

With the JNIOR in place and connected by wire to the house network, web pages can be created to configure zone monitoring and display status. You can even use a graphic layout of the house or business.

An application program (or application programs) can be created to handle automatic arming and notification. If there is a breach and the connection to the Internet has not been interrupted you could be notified directly with messaging. Emails can be generated to track access and security status. There seems to be a wide range of possibilities. The flexibility would allow you to broaden the application and monitor just about anything in the home from temperature to energy usage.

The JNIOR has two serial ports which could be used to accommodate a separate path for notification. Perhaps a dial-up modem assuming the continued availability of a phone line. Or this can be used to interface access readers perhaps even on an RS-485 network.

A cellular modem could provide network access for notification should wired Internet, cable and phone be interrupted.

We would be interested in your needs if you were interested in the JNIOR for this purpose.

There are JNIORs in use in commercial security systems. It has some DIY potential.

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