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USERDEL command

The Command Console or Command Line Interface sits at the heart of JANOS. Here we will cover anything and everything that can be done there.
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USERDEL command

Post by bscloutier » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:31 pm

The USERDEL command removes 1 or more users from the system. This is not reversible. If you are uncertain about the deletion of a user you can add the Disabled tag to temporarily close the account using the USERMOD command. Multiple users can be removed by listing the users on the command line separated by spaces. The following would remove the 'admin', 'user' and 'guest accounts.
userdel admin user guest
Note that there is no confirmation so use this command carefully. The command has no options and you must specify at least 1 user.
bruce_dev /> userdel
USERDEL user...

Removes one or more users from the system.
Multiple users can be specified separated by spaces.

bruce_dev /> 
You cannot remove yourself by the way. This command is also only available to an Administrator account.

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