Contact Support

Call INTEG support at:
724 933 9350 US
+1-724 933 9350 INT’L

Contact INTEG via our website.

The Support section of our website provides you with all the tools, documentation, software updates and videos you will need to configure and utilize the JNIOR.  If you find that you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be glad to respond to your e-mail questions or discuss your issues via the phone and if needed, we would be glad to conduct a web meeting via WebEx, Go To Meeting, JoinMe, Team Viewer or any other way to share your PC with us while we talk on the phone.

INTEG typically responds to support questions the same day.  We provide technical support to our customers around the world.

When you first purchase a JNIOR, you should download our JNIOR Support Tool.  It helps you to easily configure your JNIOR as well as provide you with a quick way to update your JNIOR software and load add on software applications.

Please go here to download the JNIOR Support Tool

You can download a free Team Viewer application that will allow INTEG to connect to your  PC.  Below is a picture of what the Team Viewer application looks like after you download it and run it.  

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Team Viewer App.